Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bonus 2 minute earring tutorials (X2)

Hi Guys
As I have just started, my blog is looking a little empty. Therefore, I am giving you two bonus tutorials today to make it look a little fuller :)
These tutorials are for two simple to make, yet totally different, pairs of earrings
Firstly, the spiked earrings

And second, the angel earrings
To make the spiked earrings you will need
-10 spike charms
-20 jump rings
-2 earring hooks
-2 pairs flat nosed pliers to open and close the jump rings

To start, add a jump ring to each spike charm

Next, add a jump ring between each charm, so you have a chain. Add 5 charms to each chain and create two chains

Next, open a jump ring and put both the end of one chain and an earring hook on it, then close

Repeat for other earring, and you are done

To make the angel earrings you will need
-2 head pins
-2 earring hooks
-2 wing spacer beads
-2 larger pearlesque beads
-2 smaller pearlesque beads
-Round nosed jewellery pliers for curling end of head pins (not pictured)

To begin, add the large bead, then the wing spacer, then the small bead to one of the head pins

Using the jewellery pliers, curl the end of the pin in to a loop

Open the loop, and insert earring hook. Close.

Repeat for the other earring

Hope you enjoyed these quick tutorials. As always, feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions below.

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