Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mini desk reminder tutorial

I was running a bit late making my tutorial for this week. I have had so much to do recently that this almost slipped past. This led me to an idea, making a mini self standing reminder flip pad for my desk. It is simple and requires few materials, but exactly what I need to get myself organised. The same idea could also be used for housework or kids chores. I plan on making another of these for a 30 day exercise challenge I am beginning soon. For something different, you can even substitute photos for the pages in this tutorial.

To start with you will need
-Paper for your flip pages. The size and shape will depend on how big you want to make your flip book.
-Cardboard to make the stand. Once again sizes will vary, but this needs to be at least as wide and two and a half times as tall as your pages.
-Rings to connect everything. As my book is small I got away with using jewelery jump rings.
-Scissors to cut everything to size
-An awl or large needle to create holes for the rings. A hole punch can be used for larger books.
-Double sided tape or paper glue (not pictured)
Start by cutting all of your pages to the size you want your book to be, and writing what you want to write on them.
Next, take the cardboard and make three folds, one about one centimetre from the shortest end, then from this line the height of your pages plus one centimetre, then the last fold at the height of your pages. See picture below, as it seems to make more sense than me at the moment

Next, fold the cardboard down the line in the middle, and mark out the points for your rings. Measure the diameter of your rings the halve it, and place your marks this distance from the top of the page. More rings = more support, but you can generally get away with 2.
Now take your awl or needle, and make holes at the marks you just drew. The holes will need to be big enough for the rings to comfortably slide through.

 Using these holes as a guide, make holes in your pages at the same distance apart, but a bit closer to the top of the page (eg, if your holes are 1cm from the top of the stand, put them at .5cm from the top of the pages). This allows the pages to flip without damage.

Next, line up all of your pages with the stand, and connect by pushing your rings through all the matching holes and sealing. Twist the join in the ring so it sits between the two layers of the stand, otherwise these ends could damage your paper.

Next, place either double sided tape or glue on the outer side of the 1cm fold, then fold under and press on to the end of the other side of the stand. Looking at this from the side, you will now have a triangle shaped stand.

That's it, you're finished.
Happy flipping :)



  1. So simple, yet such a good idea.

    There must be loads of different uses for it. You could even make your own day-by-day calender.

    1. I like the calendar idea. If you do it with just the date number and month (no name of day) you can keep it as a perpetual calendar. If you laminate the pages before assembly you would esentially have a 'wipe clean' flip calendar.