Thursday, 2 May 2013

Leather hair bind tutorial

I have recently obtained heaps of leather offcuts from a former furniture designer, so have been furiously crafting my heart out. One of the simpler projects I have made is a leather hair bind. It works just like a hair tie except...well, it's leather :)
Your finished project will look something like this. You will have to excuse the lack of an action shot, but I am yet to master the art of taking a good photo of the back of my own head.

To begin you will need
-A leather offcut. My final piece was 6.5cm by 8cm, but I have thin hair. For thick hair, try 7-8cm width.
-Suede cord. The length will vary depening on the amount of lacing holes. I went with a 50cm length.
-A leather hole punch.
-Scissors that will cut leather.
-A ruler to measure and mark your shape and hole positions. 
-A chinagraph pencil (optional, but very handy). This is a waxy leaded pencil that you can easily wipe off the leather with your finger.
-Something round to lace the piece on. Shot glasses or thick tool handles work fine.
Begin by measuring and cutting your shape. The width will vary based on the thickness of your hair, and the height will be determined by how long you want your bind

Along one side, mark every 1cm for your lacing holes.

Punch out the holes with your leather punch, placing them just in from the edge of the leather.

Use these holes as a guide to punch the holes on the opposite side.
Wrap the leather around your round object and lace it with the suede cord just like your shoe laces.

Now remove it from your round object and insert your hair. I would suggest enlisting a friend to help you with this, as it is difficult to tie up a lace behind your head.

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