Saturday, 11 May 2013

Floating crystal necklace tutorial

Todays tutorial will show you how to make an elegant floating crystal necklace. This tutorial utilises glass crystal beads and crimp bead covers for a polished, professional look.
For this project you will need
-Crystal beads in 2 sizes. 9 larger beads and 20 smaller beads.
-Crimp beads
-Crimp bead covers
-Fishing line
-Toggle clasp
-Pliers for manipulating the crimp beads and covers (not pictured)
Start by cutting two lengths of the fishing line, approximately 40cm each. You will cut them to size at the end.
At one end of each piece of line, place a crimp bead at the very end, then cover with a crimp bead cover. Thread on a small, large and small bead in that order, then crimp above and cover.

Hold the two pieces of line together, and place the beads about 1cm apart. Place a crimp bead over both lines about 2cm from the higher beads.

Cover, then string a small, large and small bead in that order over both lines. Crimp above and cover.

Seperate out the top lines, and on one place a crimp bead about 2cm from the last lot of beads, then repeat the previous bead pattern. Repeat on the other line.

Repeat the bead pattern two more times on each side.

Now is the time to cut the strings to length. The easiest way to do this if you are making it for yourself is to hold the strings against your neck and cut off the lines where you want the necklace to sit.
On the end of one line place a crimp bead, a small crystal bead and one end of your toggle clasp. Feed the end of the string back through the crystal bead and crimp bead, then crimp and cover.

Repeat for the other side, and you are done :)



  1. Thank you for your easy to understand tutorial. The necklace is beautiful!