Thursday, 9 May 2013

Asymetrical leather cuff bracelet tutorial

Today's tutorial is a nice and simple one, and uses leftover odd shapes of leather to make a unique asymetrical cuff.


You will need
-Leather pieces. The piece for the band needs to be at least twice as long as your wrist, and the other piece as long as your wrist
-2 Metal rings
-Rivets to match the colour of the rings
-A hammer to set your rivets
-Leather hole punch
-Ruler to make straight lines

Start by cutting the feature piece. Make a straight edge about the length of your wrist, then cut the rest to your desired shape. Make it as elaborate or unusual as you like, that is the point of this cuff. Also cut a straight piece of leather for the band which is at least 1.5 times as long as your wrist measurement.

Using your hole punch, make two holes along the short edge of the band piece, and two about 3-4cm in, to allow for the rings to fit between. Also place two holes on the edge of your feature piece.

Rivet these pieces together like below.

Place two more sets of rivets (or more if you like the look) along the band, at approximately one third and two thirds of the way along. If you add more for decoration, make sure you leave at least the last third of the band rivet free, to allow for doing up the cuff.

Put the cuff on your wrist, and do up by feeding the band through both rings, then back through the bottom ring. Mark where the rings cover the underneath piece of leather

Trim the underneath piece, so it is not visible through the rings. To wear, do up the band like before, but tuck the end under the whole cuff

And you are done :)


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