Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Chevron beaded necklace

Unfortunately I have been having some computer issues over the last few weeks so haven't been able to post any of the tutorials I have been furiously creating in the background, so prepare for several at once :)

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple chevron style beaded necklace using just a few materials.

For this project you will need
-10 long head pins
-Small beads that will fit on your head pins
 -Small jump rings
-Chain. This needs to be long enough to reach around your neck and to the bottom of the chevrons. The chain links must be large enough for the head pins to be threaded through.
-Small jump rings
-Round nose jewellery pliers

Cut the chain in to two pieces of whatever length you want your necklace.
Thread a head pin through the last link of one chain.

Add beads to fill, then close the end with the jewellery pliers.

Thread a second head pin on to your chain four links up from the first. Make sure when doing this your chain is lying flat and the head pins are both entering the same side of the chain. Add beads and close.

 Repeat this pattern until you have 5 beaded head pins on your chain.

Repeat on the second chain.

 Using the jump rings, connect each head pin with its opposite on the other chain.

Add the toggle clasp to the free ends of the chain, and you are done :)

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